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DLR’s Choice of Trusted Affiliates


Good insurance providers eliminate risk, so the first priority for DLR Insurance is choosing affiliates with excellent policies, strong finances and great reputations for claims service. Our personal customers and business clients rely on us, and in turn, we rely on the best insurance carriers to back up every policy.
DLR Insurance Group carefully assesses the performance, costs and services of affiliates before choosing their policies for our valued customers. Since the launch of DLR we have quickly built strong partnerships with over fifty of the best insurance carriers. That means we work with our partners to find ways of customizing policies, maximizing protection, and ensuring our clients never pay for coverage they don’t need.
By working with the same affiliates, we’ve become experts with a comprehensive knowledge of every policy’s detail. That knowledge is the crucial difference that determines how strong the coverage is and how little you pay for it.

Insurance Today for Assurance Tomorrow

Get everything done that you can today, and let insurance worry about the rest.

Find out more about DLR Insurance affiliates and discuss your insurance needs with a real expert.

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