Get your business protected with Cyber Insurance in Florida


When we hear the words “cyber attack,” our minds immediately go to someone hacking into a computer system. To a business, it can mean more than that.

It can include ransomware and cyber extortion, phishing, business interruption, disclosure of sensitive information, cyber crime, network security and privacy hacking, and even malware!

It can also mean that your client’s information is stolen in a way that can cause them harm as well.

Some business owners believe their business insurance policy automatically covers cyber insurance. That is not the case! This coverage can be added to certain general liability policies or you can buy an entirely separate policy to meet your cyber needs.

A good cyber insurance policy can cover you in the event this sort of thing happens to your business. Here are some things that a cyber insurance policy can help you with.

cyber insurance

Cyber Insurance Policy can help!

  • Network Security and Privacy Liability: protects you in the event of a network security or privacy breach. This may arise from a denial-of-service attack, malicious code, a stolen laptop, or any type of data breach.
  • Regulatory Investigations, Fines, and Penalties: protects you if fines and penalties imposed by a governmental agency are the result of a breach of privacy regulations.
  • Media Liability: covers claims against you arising from the release or display of your media material. This includes claims alleging copyright infringement, slander, libel, defamation, and other media perils.
  • PCI DSS Assessment Expenses: covers forensic investigation costs, fines, penalties, and assessments you are legally responsible for as a result of actual or alleged noncompliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.
  • Breach Management Expenses: response costs for which you have contractually indemnified a third party for a security or privacy breach.

DLR Insurance has you covered!

  • Business Interruption: covers business income loss and extra expenses you incur during a computer network outage.
  • Digital Asset Destruction, Data Retrieval, and System Restoration: covers digital asset loss and related expenses you incur because of a security breach, privacy breach, or administrative error.
  • System Failure Coverage: covers business income loss, extra expenses, and digital asset loss you incur during an unintentional or unplanned outage.
  • Social Engineering & Cyber Crime Coverage: covers financial fraud, phishing attack loss, and telecommunications fraud loss you sustain because of a social engineering event or impersonation attempt.
  • Reputational Loss Coverage: covers income loss you may suffer related to a media report arising from a privacy breach, cyber extortion threat, or phishing attack.
  • Cyber Extortion and Ransomware Coverage: covers your expenses or payments to respond to a cyber extortion demand or ransomware attack.
  • Breach Response and Remediation Expenses: covers your expenses to respond to a data breach incident including legal services, forensics investigation, notification, credit monitoring, and public relations.
  • Court Attendance Costs: covers loss expenses you incur to attend court, adjudication, mediation, or other hearings in connection with a covered claim.

Like any insurance, most people hope NEVER to have to use it. Cyber insurance is no different! At DLR Insurance Group, we can help you protect your business and the information that your clients have entrusted to you!

Looking for the best insurance in Florida? Find out how DLR is different. Have a conversation with an expert who will take the time to find out exactly what you need.

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