Storage Units

If you are a lifelong packrat, then this article is for you!

Are my things in storage covered under my homeowner’s insurance policy?

The answer is YES!  But, with some conditions. The limit of coverage is dependent on how much “Personal Property” or “Coverage C” you have. If you have $100,000 in “Coverage C” then the limit of coverage you have of things in a storage unit is usually 10%. So, in this example, you have $10,000 of coverage in the event of a covered loss. If you have A LOT of stuff in storage, then this may not be enough coverage!

The limit to which things are covered if they are STOLEN from the storage unit has limited monetary coverage. In Florida, most things have a maximum value of between $500-$1500. However, this only applies to things that are STOLEN. You may need extra coverage if this is a concern for you!

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