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I have seen some estimates that between 800-900 people are moving to Florida per day! With that, I have seen a major uptick in U-Haul trucks on the road. My question to them, “Are you sure you have the correct insurance on that rental?”

Most of the time, the answer is “NO!” I write this in caps to sound like I am yelling, because I want you to take notice.

You may think that your personal policy covers a rental vehicle. It usually does if the vehicle you rent meets certain requirements. Some policies state the vehicle must be under a “Gross Vehicle Weight” threshold. That is usually under 12,000 lbs. If the weight of the rental vehicle is over this, then your auto policy will not cover you! Some auto policies refer to a specific type of vehicle like an “SUV, Private Passenger, or Pickup Truck.” Because a U-Haul is not designated as any of these types, it would not be covered either. Leaving you to pay for any accident out of your pocket!

While this may require you to purchase more insurance at the U-Haul dealer, it may be the best money EVER spent. You are not obligated to purchase the insurance a U-Haul dealer offers, that is a choice that you will make.

In either case, the wise thing to do is give DLR Insurance Group a call if you are thinking of renting a U-Haul type of truck and we can advise on a more personal scale.



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