David Glynn

David was born and raised in Michigan. He attended Maranatha Baptist University where he received his B.S. in Mathematics Secondary Education. After graduation, he went to Costa Rica taught high school mathematics for three years. Afterwards, he returned to Michigan and worked as a teacher again for another four years before settling in Florida with his wife. He began his insurance career with Metlife in 2005 and by 2015 he founded DLR and has been company president ever since.


Hey Folks, I have seen some estimates that between 800-900 people are moving to Florida per day! With that, I have seen a major uptick in U-Haul trucks on the road. My question to them, “Are you sure you have the correct insurance on that rental?” Most of the time, the answer is “NO!” I …

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Solar Panels

Hey Folks, Solar Panels are getting extremely popular these days. It is Florida and we have an abundance of sunshine! There is a huge push to be “green” and “self-reliant.”  With all the benefits and tax advantages on a state and federal level that solar panels bring, there are a lot of questions that need …

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People can spend some pretty serious money on drones. Does your home insurance cover it in the event that it breaks or drops out of the sky?

Storage Units

If you are a lifelong packrat, then this article is for you! Are my things in storage covered under my homeowner’s insurance policy? The answer is YES!  But, with some conditions. The limit of coverage is dependent on how much “Personal Property” or “Coverage C” you have. If you have $100,000 in “Coverage C” then …

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